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Our Products
  • Heating Oil for Residential, Commercial and Government Automatic and Will Call Deliveries
  • Oil Furnace Repair
  • Marine Diesel Fuel
  • Lube, Hydraulic, Gear and Industrial Oils and Greases
  • Environmental Lubricants
  • Filters for most Applications
  • Westfalia Separators
  • Oil Absorbent Pads, Sweeps and Booms
Company News

 October 2014

Call to schedule the annual maintenance on your oil furnace.

Credit Card Payments


For your convenience we can process Debit Card PIN transactions for marine fuel payments at our office, so you can get the cash discount if one applies.

We currently can process: Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, and Union Pay.

MARINERS: Both Locks now open to normal vessel traffic.

Oil Heats Best

There is substance behind the slogan OIL HEATS BEST. Heating with oil provides many advantages over other sources of energy and is very friendly to the environment. Oil heats your house faster when you need it most. We have a full service heating oil division with certified oil-fired furnace technicians. Compare our prices with other full service companies. Find out the details in our Home Heating pages, or click on the NORA graphic to take you to the Oil Heat America website sponsored by the National OilHeat Research Alliance.

Automatic Service Discounted Price

Home Heating Oil

Current prompt pay price for Automatic Service Customers O.A.C.

$3.28 / Gallon Delivered

$3.38 / Gallon for prompt pay Will Call Customers with a minimum 175 gallon delivery and 10-working days notice.

Deliveries over 375 gallons may qualify for even more savings.

Sales Taxes Apply

Prices and terms subject to change without notice. Please contact us for restrictions that may apply.